The world needs good hypnotists. The world needs people like you.

I learned hypnosis because I was curious how much people could change. With hypnosis people can make amazing changes and being at the center of that change is a lot of fun.

Over 20 years I’ve worked with 10,000 hypnosis clients (give or take) and I love it. If you want to become a hypnotist. I want you to do even better.

In February 2022 you can take part in a live hypnosis training and I want you to attend. When you join early you’ll save a huge amount of money.

Live Hypnosis Training


Here is a bonus

I teach everyone who wants to be a GREAT (not just a good) hypnotist. Be a nice person.

Consider this:

There exists a quality of mindfulness that can improve the mental state of everyone you interact with. 

Consider the following statement:

Every interaction, telephone call, text message, email, greeting, intake, hypnosis session and follow up session should fulfil one or more of these objectives for the client:

  • Provide reassurance
  • Create anticipation
  • Strengthen ego
  • Reaffirm self worth, self esteem, positive self image
  • Validate their success
  • Build optimism
  • Reframe “failures” as valuable lessons

If every interaction you have fulfils at least one of these objectives you go beyond being just a good hypnotist, you become a person. The world needs more people like you.


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