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Because, I welcome calls from visitors of this website I occasionally get calls from people who are shocked (concerned, fearful, triggered) about some of the books I’ve written and products I’ve offered on this website.

Just recently, a young man called to ask me to explain why I would make available such things as “Hypnotic Creation & Management Of Personality Alters” and “Perfected Mind Control“. He explained these book seem to justify the exploitation or people using hypnosis.

He clearly had not read read these books, but he did seem to read the salacious advertising copy that prompted his call.

What I explained to him is much of what I’ve written and published has already been made publicly available and that I am acting as researcher and educator of hypnosis. “I’m not the hypnosis police” I remember saying. I further told him that I haven’t personally tested the extreme hypnosis I wrote about. Some has been accumulated by conversations with hypnotists who want to be anonymous (obviously). Most are from written reports combined with my own speculation of how I imagine it would have been done. Of course, adding the words “Mind Control” to the titles and description can imply something wicked.  The books are more nuanced than one might assume.

Fact: Charles Manson had NO hypnosis training.

People fear how much they might lose their sense of will power with hypnosis. To those people it’s important to point out if someone really wanted to control another person it’s much easier to do it by being an authority figure that abuses their power. Charles Manson was not a hypnotists but he was able to reek havoc on peoples lives by convincing them he was their savior. You don’t need hypnosis to abuse power.

The truth is that to do evil with hypnosis is HARD. It requires a great amount of experience and will only work on a small percentage of people

Again, to be clear, I’m not the hypnosis police but I do want everyone reading my material to be both skeptical and open minded (if that’s not too hard) about all the topics. Reader will regularly find descriptions of the uncomfortable things that can happen to someone in power when they wrongly manipulated another human being.


Hypnosis is a tool that is best, and most easily, used for good. If you are sincere about wanting to learn hypnosis and making the world a little better here are some useful products:

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