The Most Devious Language Pattern EVER.


This language pattern is TRULY Devious. It can make someone feel very bad… or very good… depending on how you use it. And it will dramatically effect their behavior. When you hear it you’ll immediately recognize it’s power. You’ll probably remember times it was used effectively on you!



If you want someone of feel really bad this language pattern truly is an evil way to effect someone.  They will still believe you are their friends but they will feel terrible … if that is your intent.

Please, Use This Language Pattern For GOOD, not Evil!

There are some very GOOD and HEALTHY applications of this language pattern. Here are few things you’ll want to know about this pattern.

  • It takes no rehearsal or preparation.
  • Once you read it’s description you’ll understand the pattern inside and out.
  • You can deliver this on the fly as needed.
  • If you want someone to stop a behavior, they will stop it immediately!
  • If you want someone to feel great, proud and confident, they will feel it immediately! 
  • This pattern can either make or ruin someone’s day.
  • You will probably remember when someone has used this pattern on you. 

Yes, this is a VERY devious pattern but it has the ability to do so much good too!

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t use this pattern to make people feel bad.

Promise you will be one of the good and decent people who will use this language pattern to make the world a better place!

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