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The Hypnotorious Podcast is a weekly audio production featuring David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones) and John Wylie. Each podcast will cover a topic within the field of hypnosis, NLP, persuasion and influence and includes featured guests.

Whether you are simply curious or a hypnosis professional you will find something useful.

David Barron has been a professional hypnotist since April 1998 and has written numerous books on mind control, persuasion and hypnosis under the pen name Dantalion Jones. He is currently operating two hypnosis companies, in New Hampshire Hypnosis and Eastern Oregon Hypnosis.

John Wylie is a professional hypnotist in Boise, Idaho, operating Boise Hypnosis. He is also the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Hypnosis

Dissociation and Complex Deepeners

There Is No Such Things As Hypnotic Resistance

Unusual Hypnosis Requests

The Hypnotic Pretalk

Interview With Chase Hughes

Building A Hypnosis Practice

Charles Manson Mind Control

“The Ultimate Guide To Hypnosis” by John Wylie

What Does It Mean to “Go Deeper” Into Hypnosis?

This short video was part of a Facebook Live event that’s featured in the “Advanced Hypnosis Skills” Facebook Group. Link Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1421166511233757/

Hypnotorious Podcast 10 Live QandA With The Salt Lake City Hypnosis Group

Hypnotorious Podcast – What Hypnosis CAN’T Do

This is a recorded broadcast with radio host Ruel Brown and hypnotist, Keithanthony Taylor. 

What Hypnosis Can Do – How Mike Tyson Became A Heavy Weight Boxing Champ Through Hypnosis

Joe Rogan Experience #1227 – Mike Tyson https://youtu.be/7MNv4_rTkfU

Join the hypnosis conversation at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1421166511233757/

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We talk about how we get referrals for our business both online reviews and others. We also ask the question “How would you make someone a non-smoker without them knowing you’re a hypnotist? We get a little sneaky. – 5 July 2017 –
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Great interview for Hypnotists. David Barron on Exploring Awesome.