Why Forgetting is So Important

The world in which you ask the question may not be the same world where the answer resides. There was a man … He was a friend I didn’t really ever know… His skill was in being able to forget. Forgetting, for him, was something he did as a matter of pride. 

“Forgetting is a natural part of life” he would say. “You step out of the store to find your car and it’s not there … you forget… forgetting is a natural part of life. Or you reach for your keys and they are not there. You forget. Forgetting is a natural part of life. You are talking to a person you know and you forget their name….” 

Consider how there are more moments in life that are forgotten than any other moment? You are left with only what you remember.

Why is Forgetting So Important?

Forgetting - The tapestry of pulled threads.

Forgetting – The tapestry of pulled threads.

One is left with a fragmented existence, a patchwork of memories stitched together to form the tapestry of one’s being. But what about the moments that slip through the cracks of forgetfulness? The countless instances that dissolve into the abyss of the mind, never to resurface again. Are they lost forever, or do they linger in some hidden recess, whispering their existence in the shadows of our consciousness?

It’s a peculiar thought, isn’t it? That there exists a vast realm of forgotten moments, each one a tiny piece of the puzzle that shapes who we are. These forgotten fragments, though elusive, hold within them the untold stories, the unshared laughter, the fleeting glances, and the profound experiences that have shaped our journey through this strange world.

Perhaps it is in these forgotten moments that we find the true essence of life. For it is not the memories that we deliberately cling to, but rather the sum of all that we have forgotten that molds us into the complex beings we become. We are not defined solely by what we remember, but also by what we choose to let go, the moments we release into the ether of oblivion.

Forgotten Threads

In the grand tapestry of existence, it is the forgotten threads that lend depth and nuance to our little narrative. They are the whispers of a forgotten symphony, the unseen strokes of an artist’s brush, and the words lost in the wind. They exist beyond our grasp, yet their absence resonates within us, reminding us of the fragility of remembrance and the fleeting nature of time.

The Last Forgotten Thought

So, by pondering the significance of forgetting, remember that it is through this act of letting go that we create space for new experiences, fresh perspectives, and the potential to redefine ourselves. Embrace the forgotten moments, for they hold the untold stories that shape your unique tapestry of existence. And when you find yourself grappling with the weight of what is lost, remember that the beauty of life. It’s beauty lies not just in what you remember, but also in what you have chosen to forget.

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