The Super Somnambulist Hypnosis Training


Learn to use hypnosis to make incredible changes within yourself. This powerful 3 CD set (also available as downloads) will train you to become a “Super Somnambulist”, able to demonstrate the most profound hypnotic phenomena.

  • Catalepsy – the inability to move
  • Anesthesia – the numbing of the body making it unable to feel sensation or pain
  • Amnesia – forgetting things like your name
  • Hallucination – seeing things not there
  • Negative Hallucination – not seeing things that are there


In nearly 20 years as a professional hypnotist I’ve discovered that anyone can be hypnotized and with only a limited amount of training they can learn to do amazing things. The greatest difficulty is being able go deep enough to create dramatic and lasting change in oneself. Have you ever wonder how “deep” can you get with hypnosis? Going “deep” in hypnosis typically means demonstrating hypnotic phenomena like

  • Catalepsy – the inability to move
  • Anesthesia – the numbing of the body making it unable to feel sensation or pain
  • Amnesia – forgetting things like your name
  • Hallucination – seeing things not there
  • Negative Hallucination – not seeing things that are there

All of these phenomena are achievable in hypnosis. The difficulty is being able to do these things to yourself.


Because There Is No Such Thing as “Self-Hypnosis”!

This is a controversial statement that many hypnotists are eager to argue. There are few noted hypnotists (well-meaning but ill-informed) who tout “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis” but the truth is even the best hypnotist will find it hard to intentionally remove all knowledge of who they are (amnesia) for 15 minutes using what they call self-hypnosis. 

Please, if you can do that with simple “self -hypnosis” I want to hear from you! 

The solution is to learn how to go “deep” into hypnosis by following custom made hypnosis recordings. You can then make your own hypnosis recordings to accomplish anything you want. That level of “deep” is what I call the “Super-Somnambulist”, someone who can easily demonstrate all the hypnotic phenomena. Some people are naturals at it but most people require some training to be that skilled at hypnosis. 

That’s the purpose of “The Super-Somnambulist Hypnosis Training“.

The Super-Somnambulist Hypnosis Training 
is a 3 CD set consisting of five audio hypnosis programs that will train you to do ALL the above mentioned hypnotic phenomena. Decide for yourself. Listen to the first 17 minutes of the training program for yourself:

This is a 3 CD set.

Regular Price $195.00

The Super Somnambulist Hypnosis Training

You can download a digital version of each of these CDs at these links:


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