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Every week I try to hold a local study group for people interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and other useful mind tools. I also try to video record it so those who can’t attend can benefit.
This week we covered the NLP Change Personal History pattern. It’s one of the most useful NLP processes out there. When I first learned it became the go-to process to help people make GIANT changes in their life. It can remove habits of worry, anxiety and nervousness and replace them with unstoppable confidence.

Here is a brief description of the process to refer to. This description assumes previous training in anchoring, or at the least understanding the concept of anchoring really well.
Application: when a client feels unresourceful over a “somewhat” (not trauma) yucky experience.
    1. Associate client into the past context or otherwise let them access the unresourceful state and how that codes in their brain. Set anchor 1 with hand 1 on top of the knee.
2. Break state, test anchor.
3. Let the client pick a resource that would be helpful or overpower that situation at hand. Pick a time in the past where the client had this present. Set anchor 2 with hand 2 on the side of the knee.
4. You could pick another resourceful state, or as many as you like, and again set anchor two, same hand, same spot (on top of the other resourceful anchor.)
5. Break state, test anchor 2.
6. Take the resourceful state, fire anchor 2.
7. Into the unresourceful sate, fire anchor 1.
8. Let the anchors integrate.
9. Test anchor 1 again.
10. Future pace.
Now go change some personal history using NLP. Good luck out there!
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