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I’ve recently have been able to add four lost hypnosis DVDs made be the late Jeffrey Stephens in 2012. Not many of them were sold. Since Jeff’s death in 2014 these recordings have been spoken of in rumors. Finally, their now available again for the general public.
Until the end of February you can get 25% off them when you apply the discount code “JeffStephensDVDs” upon checkout.
Jeff was a great hypnotist and teacher and these four DVDs give some great in depth understanding to hypnosis processes that were a central reason why he was so successful with clients.
Rapid Induction DVDs – For Clinicians and Street Hypnosis
This is a two DVD set that covers 18 hypnotic inductions that take less than 30 seconds to perform. Each hypnotic induction has a detailed instruction of tips and tricks that make them even more effective.
Real Self Change DVD
What I love most about the DVD is how useful it is for ANYBODY! It is a set of amazing tools that can be used by anyone to make changes on themselves and gain more control over their lives.
Jeff openly explains why he never believed in “self hypnosis” but he also explains how someone can make powerful changes to better improve their lives. It is a toolbox of mental exercises that will give anyone better outcomes in life
Please remember to use the discount code “JeffStephensDVDs” when you checkout.
The “Black Room” Technique DVD
The “Black Room” technique is a hypnosis process that will help instill skills, attributes, values of other people in the people who want them.
An athlete can more easily more easily take on the skills and behaviors a sports figure they admire. I’ve used it to create an “alternate personality” in clients have all the virtues, attitudes and attributes they would most want in themselves. The transformation is amazing!
Symbology System DVD
This DVD presents a most powerful tool for dealing with fears, phobias, PTSD, and countless other issues that the practicing hypnotist will commonly encounter.
The beauty of using Symbology to make the change – inside or outside of formal hypnosis – is that it allows the client to experience massive change without having to relive the events and traumas that caused them pain in the first place! It is also done without tapping or any other type of physical manipulation or contact.
Please, remember to use the discount code “JeffStephensDVDs” when you checkout.
I often remind people how much of my success as a hypnotist is due to what I learned from Jeffrey Stephens. Jeff died in 2014 and during his life he taught several thousand people his incredibly effective style of direct hypnosis.
Learning Jeff Stephens hypnosis method changed every part of my hypnosis practice. I sure you will benefit from it as much as I have.
David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones

PS, For the month of February you’ll get a 25% discount on ALL products when you use the discount code “JeffStephensDVDs” upon checkout.



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