I wanted to give you an idea of the kind of hypnosis experience you can create using the 10 Step Hypnosis Method developed by Jeffrey Stephens.

It’s not uncommon for some hypnosis subjects to wonder if they were hypnotized. They may say “well… I guess I was hypnotized… I could everything you were telling me”. Using the Stephens Hypnosis Method it’s more common to hear them say “Wow! Oh my gawd! That was amazing!”. The difference is clear and designed right into the process. The difference also ensure the results are supported by a strong positive emotional experience.

Jeffrey Stephens (right) doing hypnosis training.

I often remind people how much of my success as a hypnotist is due to what I learned from Jeffrey Stephens. Jeff died in 2014 and during his life he taught several thousand people his incredibly effective style of direct hypnosis. The ease of Jeff’s hypnosis technique comes from how he divides the process into 10 easy to understand steps. I’m very serious when I say if you want to learn hypnosis start by learning Jeff Stephens hypnosis technique.

Learning this process in a Live Seminar Training gives you the special advantage of getting immediate feedback while working with real hypnosis subjects. You’ll also experience being hypnotized so you truly understand what it feels like to “go deeper”.

Learning Jeff Stephens hypnosis method changed every part of my hypnosis practice. I sure you will benefit from it as much as I have.

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David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones

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