Someone shared this video with me and asked me to comment. I feel like I should help a lot of people understand something about hypnosis. It was hard for me to watch because it involve a lawyer covertly using hypnosis on one of his clients to exploit and abuse her. This is the type of abuse that creates public fear and misunderstanding about hypnosis.

On the surface it shows that hypnosis can be misused to hurt people but that is only on the surface. What was TRULY being misused was the lawyers perceived authority. He took his position of authority to manipulate and exploit people. Hypnosis was only a tool. In the history of human abuses authority has lead to more abuse than hypnosis. Teachers have used their authority to abuse students in their charge, Doctors have abused patients, clergy have abused their flock… all without hypnosis, just authority. Clearly the vast majority of teachers, doctors and clergy are decent people who respect the ‘in loco parentis‘ responsibility of their position. Attorney Michael Fine is clearly not so decent.

He learned a skill of hypnosis and leveraged his authority as lawyer to hurt people.

My point is that hypnosis is a powerful tool that kand help people make powerful changes. When the changes are positive and beneficial they last, but if hypnosis is used to harm people it will eventually get undone and explode in the face to the offending hypnotist.

You can read more about this abuse of power in Mind Control Hypnosis: Hypnosis Without Suggestion


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