The audios on this CD are for my clients of Eastern Oregon Hypnosis and New Hampshire Hypnosis. Now the general public are welcome to listen to and enjoy them. The purpose of The Sanctuary session is to train you, the listener, to build your own personal mental “Sanctuary” that puts the world on hold for you to recoup and reset your mind. Sanctuary is the place you build within the mind where you feel the very most in control. 
By practicing going the Sanctuary process you can alleviate stress, anxiety and fear at will. This has been documented to improve your long term thinking skills and enhance cognitive functions. 
You will get the best results by listening through headphone to minimize any distractions. Feel free to listen to them all and use the process you most enjoy.
Using The Sanctuary on a daily basis can benefit you by:
  •  Reducing stress.
  •  It improves concentration.
  •  It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  •  The practice increases self-awareness.
  •  It increases happiness.
  •  Increases acceptance.
  •  Slows aging.
  •  Benefits cardiovascular and immune health.

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