1-on-1 Hypnosis With David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones)


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A Complete Hypnosis Program In Three Session. You can use hypnosis to:

Quit Smoking – Eliminate PTSD – Overcome Fears and Anxiety – Lose Weight – Control Habits – Improve Motivation


This is a complete three session hypnosis program with hypnotist and author David Barron, aka Dantalion Jones. Your hypnosis programming sessions can be done by teleconference by means of Skype, Facebook live chat, or Google Live.

David has been a professional hypnotist for nearly 20 years and is currently operating two full time hypnosis clinics, New Hampshire Hypnosis, and Eastern Oregon Hypnosis. He has written several books on hypnosis under his name as well as under the pen name of Dantalion Jones. All of these books are available on this web store.


Hypnosis For…

Hypnosis is good for any area where you wish more control over subconscious processes. Most notably:

  • Habit Control
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias

What To Expect

Each of the three sessions has a function and a measurable result at the end.

The First Hypnosis Session will directly address the change you want. If you want to become a non-smoker you’ll be ask to begin the session with a strong craving for tobacco. By the end of the session you will be asked to bring up that craving. If you have followed the instructions correctly you will not be able to want tobacco no matter how hard you try!

The Second Hypnosis Session is designed to reinforce all that has happened prior and to build a positive and dynamic self image. The goal is to be able to see yourself as someone with all the strengths and virtues that you would admire in anyone. That strong feeling of self worth makes returning to old habits and behaviors almost impossible.

The Third Hypnosis Session will allow us to deal with any event or situation we didn’t anticipate. It will reinforce all that was done before and the change you wanted second nature.

Any other sessions are available upon request at no cost. If, for example, after five years, you start smoking again and want to quit just give me a call. There will be no charge.

How It Works

Once you’ve purchased your hypnosis programming sessions you’ll be contacted to arrange the date and times. You’ll need to have a good internet connection and a place free of distractions. Your only obligation to have success with hypnosis is to follow the instructions you are given. It’s that simple.

If, for any reason, the hypnosis program can’t or won’t take place you’ll be given a complete refund.

Feel free to ask question of the process through the contact form on this web site.


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1 review for 1-on-1 Hypnosis With David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones)

  1. GregoryNub

    Thank you so much. We did the hypnosis session through Skype. I was amazed at how good it feels to be COMPLETELY FREE of tobacco cravings. Thanks again.

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