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“Lighthearted Social Experiments”

What are Lighthearted Social Experiments?

Lighthearted Social Experiments (LSE) are just that, experiments, things you do to find out what happens.  There is no failure when you do them because you will always get valuable information. Lighthearted Social Experiments are done in the spirit of fun and done with people who don’t know what you’re doing.

The great part about LSEs is that no one can lose because it’s all in fun.

The benefits from these Lighthearted Social Experiments are new social skills a greater sense of confidence around people regardless of the setting and circumstance.

Think about it. One of the most common anxiety provoking situations is that of being around people and not know what to do or say.  When you turn that situation into a lighthearted social experiment it completely turns around how everyone perceives the interaction. It becomes fun, engaging and thought provoking.

That is the skill you’ll learn in CD #2 of The Delta Success Program and you’ll agree it’s worth every penny.Within The Delta Success Program CD #2 this is what you’ll get:

What you will get from this CD :

  • You’ll learn how to get anyones interest and attention and you’ll learn to how to keep it.
  • You’ll why confusion can be useful and how to create in anyone.
  • You’ll learn the mental attitude that makes any social situation fun and makes people want to be around you.
  • You discover how a sense of boldness naturally develops from repeated practice of these lighthearted social experiments.
  • You’ll discover the simple process that causes others to feel as if they want to be around you.
  • Like a snake closing in on it’s prey you’ll learn how to sneak your subject closer and closer within your personal space … they won’t even know it’s happening.
  • You learn how to quiet that nagging voice in your head that is always worried if you’re “doing it right”.  When this happens you don’t worry, you just go for it.
  • You’ll learn how to take the uncomfortable state of confusion that others feel and instantly turn it to your advantage. You’ll even learn how to confuse them!
  • You’ll learn how to lead people (even if you have no where to lead them).
  • You’ll learn how to turn any social situation into an experiment that will always yield something useful.

You’ll also get an Awesome dual voice hypnosis process that will knock you on
your backside and help instill all these tools as you relax and listen.

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