This DVD presents a most powerful tool for dealing with fearsphobiasPTSD, and countless other issues that the practicing hypnotist will commonly encounter.

The beauty of using Symbology to make the change – inside or outside of formal hypnosis – is that it allows the client to experience massive change without having to relive the events and traumas that caused them pain in the first place! It is also done without tapping or any other type of physical manipulation or contact.

This method has been used to help those who have experienced violent crime, rape, and bullying. It has also been used in helping soldiers returning home, to get rid of PTSD in just a few short minutes.

Symbology is fantastic for dealing with common fears and phobias such as spiders, heights, public speaking, and taking exams. It can resolve the issue quickly and easily and leaves the client with resources for future empowerment!

BUT… not only is Symbology good for ‘removing’ unwanted and unpleasant things, it is also fantastic for installing emotions and empowering thoughts and beliefs such as confidence, certainty, and personal strength and power. Help your clients become the kind of people they want and need to be to live the lives they truly desire. You can do that for your clients using the Symbology Method and it won’t take hours or weeks.

Price: $59 USD


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