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The Dantalion Jones MIND PROGRAMMING CD Set

"The Complete Delta Programming Series"

With this you will get all four of the Delta Hypnosis Programming CDs and save over $25  

With this purchase you earn your discount PLUS save on shipping as these CDs are shipped in one package.  
You save OVER 25%.

Each CD is complete with the personal exercises that will program your mind for success PLUS it's own dual voice hypnosis process that promises to knock you on your butt and drive you toward your goals. 

That Means you get:

  • Delta Success Program CD #1 and it's introduction to Delta Success Programming 
  • Delta Success Program CD #2  "Lighthearted Social Experiments"  Turn every interaction with others into a fun and exciting learning process that compels you to TAKE CONTROL!. 
  • Delta Success Program CD #3  "Creatign Inner Resources"  You'll build resources and abilities you didn't even know that you had. 
  • Delta Success Program CD #4  "The Psychopathology of Success" perhaps the most disturbing success program ever made. 
  • The Dual Voice Hypnosis process that comes with each of these four CDs.

You save over 25% by buying these CDs together in this incredible package.  

Don't pass up this deal. 

$74.95 (plus $4.95 shipping)

Here is the BEST Deal We Offer:

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