Overpowered by Hypnosis!!

Welcome Reader!

I was lucky to find a limited copy of two great hypnosis books.
“Overpowered!: The Science and Showbiz of Hypnosis” Is a historical… and hysterical … look at how hypnosis has been used. LOOK AT THAT COVER! Ha! It is complete with great old-timey photographs that display the science and the showbiz of it.
All the way up to the present with the hypnosis and the study of neuro science.
The second gem is “SELF-HYPNOSIS: You Can Change Your Life!” which has it’s own audio CD for those wanting some guidance into hypnosis.
I was limited to only six of each of these books, all in new condition and set the price to compete with anyone.
David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones