Advanced Hypnosis

The HOW TO of making change.

Hello Reader!

About a year ago I was in a conversation with a fellow hypnotist talking about the hypnosis process I use. I was describing how a lot can happen in one session but in just a few more sessions I can even more powerfully improve their life, their self-image and overall well being. “I’d pay for that!” was his response.
Yes, I took my time to write it out and so far, everyone I’ve shown it to agrees it is pretty dared good process. It will be available on amazon in the next week but you can get it at a $10 discount from my sales page.
Advanced Hypnosis is the result of my hypnosis process evolving on 20 years of practice. I want that evolution to continue so I’m hoping other hypnotists, like you, can make a what’s good even better.
If you’re familiar with The Stephens Hypnosis Method you’ll notice a lot of overlap but are some notable additions and modifications. The Stephens Hypnosis Method is the best and I encourage everyone to make it the foundation of your hypnosis understanding. This three session process has evolved from it to include greater reinforcement and ego strengthening. Your clients will benefit from it because they get the result they asked for and feel 1000% better about themselves.
David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones

PS, Ordering Advanced Hypnosis from my sales page will save you $10 compared to


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