Now available in compact paperback form with CD under the back flap, this classic self-help text shows how anyone can enter an induced hypnotic trance – completely safely!

Written by two highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists this book shows how in a totally relaxed state you can imprint powerful positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, which will continue to work in your waking life. There is no limit to the value of hypnosis: you can increase your confidence, think positively, manage stress, control your weight, and quit smoking. In short, you can change your life.

This is the same package I used to have on cassette, until I lost it. Glad to have it back. I loaded the CD onto my Ipod for convenience. This is a good introduction to self hypnosis. It does require following the directions laid out in the book though. Then the more practice the better. Not easy to fit into a busy schedule I know, but worth it.