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This last weekend I spent with a hypnosis client who hired me to do The Learning Place training with him. I forgot how incredibly fun, and exhausting, doing three days of one-on-one hypnosis with someone can be.


The experience reminded me of just how much the process can help someone learn, and reconnected me with the desire to have an ARMY of hypnotists trained in this process. You will occasionally hear me joke about a roaming band of samurai hypnotists who wander the land turning people into super learners. That’s my goal.


Are you a skilled hypnotist who want to earn up to $5000 over the course of a three day training? The Learning Place may be for you!


Not wanting to discourage anyone who is interested in learning how to be a Learning Place hypnotist, Let me point out a few strong recommendation.


  • Be good at the authoritarian model of hypnosis. The Learning Place has some very explicit testing that works best if you are skilled at authoritarian hypnosis.
  • Have a good grasp on the Stephens model of hypnosis.
  • You must be ready to give one person ALL of your attention for a three day period.
  • Ask for help if you need to help understanding how to run The Learning Place training. My goal is for you to be one of the BEST trainers in the method.
  • Getyour act together. This is a bigger deal than one might think. When your life is in order, bills paid, out of debt, have supportive relationships, etc., it is SO much easier to be a good hypnotist.
Remember, these are just my recommendations, but consider them important.


If you’re the kind of hypnotist who wants to push the envelope, do something on the leading edge and get better at hypnosis than you ever imagined then you will have to yourself. Becoming a Learning Place Trainer will give you that push.


I’ve created two web pages to help you better understand the Learning Place. The first is for those who want to go through the three day training. The second is for hypnotists who want to make The Learning Place protocol a part of their professional practice.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

A Learning Place Training

A Learning Place Hypnotist



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