Being a professional hypnotist for two decades has taught me a lot. It’s taught me that people can change in dramatic and positive ways given all the right reasons.  I’ve seen people quit smoking and never go back after one session. I’ve seen people overcome paralyzing PTSD and phobias, change behaviors and start making healthy life sustaining decisions in what seems like minutes. To my surprise what I’ve learned late in my career is that hypnosis doesn’t really matter.

Let me explain.

“Hypnosis” is the name given to a very natural process. It seems mysterious and magical but, in fact, it’s very straight forward. We’ve all has some form of hypnosis happen to us in our lives. Maybe it’s when you were watching a movie and got so involved you could feel your heart race and your emotions swell. Maybe it was a time you witnessed something so dramatic you decide, then and there, to make a change to your life. These are all forms of “hypnosis” and they happen to all of us. Hypnosis is just the process one goes through to make changes. Think of any dramatic decision or change you’ve made and you will find a form of “hypnosis” in that experience.

The reason why “hypnosis” shouldn’t matter is that no one has ever willingly paid me for “hypnosis”. What they wanted was a result, a specific change. They wanted to go through a process that would make improving their lives seem simple and easy.  “Hypnosis” didn’t matter at all. Getting the change they wanted did matter.

With this realization I no longer have to sell people on hypnosis… because hypnosis doesn’t matter.  Becoming a non-smoker is what matters. Getting over PTSD and phobias are what matters. Making life better is want matters.

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