I don’t get to post much about my professional hypnosis business but I think there is something important people should know about post traumatic stress (PTSD).

If you’ve known anyone with PTSD it can be an incredibly debilitating disorder. They live with the constant reminder of a trauma that will never leave their mind. People cope with PTSD using everything legal, illegal, prescribed and recommended.

Before talking about hypnosis and PTSD it’s a good idea to remember Hypnosis is good at changing our internal perceptions. That means it can change the things we think, feel and how we respond to the environment.

Hypnosis has a long history of helping people quit smoking so it should be equally as good at helping PTSD.

The following story is only one insident of how hypnosis helps with trauma. Results may vary from person to person.

A hypnosis client came to me for the three session quit smoking program. From the very first session she did amazingly well. People at her work could not believe she quit smoking and it was much easier than she had ever imagined.

During the intake part she told me she was a veteran working at the VA. It wasn’t until the third and final session she told me about the combat trauma and the resulting PTSD.

Even though she hired me to quit smoking and was doing well, it became clear that our third session we’d focus on the PTSD. At the end of the session she was amazed. The feelings of fear and empending doom that hovered over her every moment was gone. I jokingly challenged her to “Go ahead and try to feel fear”. She looked confused and then began to laugh.

“It’s like there’s a wall stopping it from reaching me.” Other emotions started to show on her face: amazement, relief, joy, gratitude, to name a few.

When thinking about the various traumas that caused the PTSD the memories were clear but the emotions weren’t there. They were now simply memories.

“Do you do therapy?” she asked.

My standard response is I don’t call what I do “therapy”. I call it “fixing problems”. Therapy is typically interested in a “theraputic process”. I’m only interested in a result.

Understand therapy has it’s place and should be an option for anyone with PTSD. What the therapist and hypnotist are both concerned with is the health and happiness of the client.

If you know someone willing to consider hypnosis for help with PTSD give them encouragement.

If they have questions about the process you can direct them to me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions personally.

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