Guest Speaker at Hypno Thoughts Live 2019

//Guest Speaker at Hypno Thoughts Live 2019

Guest Speaker at Hypno Thoughts Live 2019

If you don’t know Hypno Thoughts is an annual event where thousands of hypnotist from all around the world meet to talk about hypnosis and inspire one another.

This upcoming August 2019, I’ll be speaking at the Hypno Thoughts Live conference in Las Vegas covering the details of The Learning Place process that was taught to me by the late Jeffrey Stephens. I’ll be describing how it was developed and how Jeff decided to teach it to me. The goal of my presentation is to inspire other hypnotists to learn and teach The Learning Place.

This would be a great opportunity for you and I to meet as well. There is enough time to start planning. All three days are going to be FILLED with events and important speakers.

If you are planning to attend please let me know and we can make time to chat.

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David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones) had an interest in hypnosis since he was a child. In 1998 he began is professional hypnosis career and has work over 10,000 hours with clients from all over the world. He currently is operating two hypnosis centers. David has sold thousands of books under the pen name Dantalion Jones and is currently teaching advanced hypnosis skills to private clients. Media interviews and private coaching/hypnosis can be scheduled by using the contact page on this site.

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