The topic of this article is about getting free from religiously inspired mind control. You may feel threatened, angered or “triggered” by this article so consider yourself warned. You’re not being forced to read this so you’re welcomed to turn away. This article is not about all religions, only the ones that use coersive mind control to keep followers oppressed.

It’s safe to assume all religious movments, groups or cults, have some positive intent. They all mean well. Many are sincerely supportive of their followers. Unfortunately, there are few groups that use the most devious forms of manipulation on their followers. The deviousness always starts with love bombing. This is where the newcomer is given unconditional love and support at the start to reel them in. What follows is an endless process of indoctrination. They will be given classes to take, books to read and lessons to follow. Eventually, they will become aware there of rules designed to control your behaviors, the books you read and what movies you see. Follow the rule and all is well. Break the rules and risk guilt and shaming, punishment even shunning. Ultimately, the new recruite is taught to monitor all thoughts and emotions so they align with the group. The goal of these religious groups is to replace the original personality with the cult personality.

The Cult Personality

The cult personality may vary from group to group. It often shows itself as an overly positive, almost euphoric optimism. This is achieved by precisely following the cult rules and dilegently supressing all doubts and questions about cult policy and practice. Unspoken in this cult personality is the threats that come from getting caught breaking cult guidlines. Punishment can include public shaming, guilt, abandonment/shunning and sometimes being considered an enemy to the members of the cult community.

Highs and Lows

A thorough indoctrination will create extreme emotional highs that are almost addictive and be reinforced through positive validtion from group members. Questioning the groups doctrine are quickly shut down through threats or punishment. I an cult member doesn’t completely commits to the cult practices and doctrine they may waver between ecstatic highs and devestating lows.

  • describe the problem
  • how to recognize it
  • offer the solution – hypnosis
  • what to expect


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