Hypnosis To Remove Religion Download – WARNING –


This hypnosis session will help remove unwanted religious/cult programming.

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  • Have you been a part of a religious movement that is taking over your life?
  • Have you disagreed with your religions practice or doctrine and been shamed, guilted and punished for “wicked” thoughts?
  • Have you been told to limit what you read, learn and study to only what is “acceptable” to the religion?
  • Are you told that anyone outside of your religion is “evil”,”wicked” or “an instrument of Satan”?
  • Is there an authoritative leader or leadership you are not allowed to doubt or question?
  • Does your religion encourage you feel fearful of being “impure” or being influenced by outsiders?
  • Are you taught that certain thoughts or feelings are wrong and you must suppress them with prayer or chanting?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you may very well be part of an authoritarian cult.

Please, understand all religious movements mean well and not all of them are controlling and manipulative. Some “cults” are kind, benevolent and sincerely support their followers. The danger happens when the entire religious movement works to control its followers through rigorous and harsh indoctrination. When a movement seeks to take over the lives, income, thoughts, emotions and decisions of its followers is when they become destructive.

The experience in a cult will always start off supportive and loving and will slowly begin to take more and more control over your life. It’s very devious. This is why people don’t realize they are in a cult until it’s too late. Many people never had a choice. They were raised within the cult and indoctrinated since birth. By the time they found their way out many felt ill-equipped dealing with everyday life outside the cult.

People who have found their way out of such groups find it hard to shake the years of programming and indoctrination. They don’t know how to talk to people who might be considered “outsiders”. They don’t know how to manage money. They fear damnation. Some are shunned from their family.

If any of this describes you (and I hope it doesn’t) this hypnosis recording was made to help you.

Get This Download FREE.

If you are deprogramming yourself from cult indoctrination I will give you this hypnosis audio for FREE. All you have to do is contact me and I will send you a discount code. This is for YOUR benefit and you shouldn’t be charged. 

You’re also welcomed to share this MP3 with anyone you think will need it but, please don’t push this on to people. People will listen to this when they are sincerely ready.


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