The complete influence and persuasion (aka Mind Control) downloads have been updated!

The sad truth is since I’ve made more of a blog than a product sales site I’ve neglected some of the best products I have. One product I’m most proud of is “The Mind Control Audio Program & Extreme Leadership” This is a complete audio download of TWO full trainings.

This complete download is designed to enhance your influence skills when speaking person-to-person AND when leading a group.

You’ll learn a lot of “sneaky” ways to influence people through this course, like:

  • How to uncover ones deepest motivations
  • Guide people with subliminal forms of feedback both positive and negative
  • How to become impervious to other peoples influence.
  • …and a lot more.

The set of audio trainings is already discounted when you buy them together. Through September 30th you can get them BOTH for $105 and save $42 when you use the discount code “September19-MC” when you checkout. That is a savings of almost 30% on these two great downloads.

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MInd Control Seminar and Extreme Leadership Trainings...two in one

Here is quote from an attendant of the Mind Control Seminar:

I had the opportunity to attend the Mind Control Seminar given by Dantalion Jones. The seminar was one of the most useful and instructive that I have ever attended. The information given was broad, useful, and very hard to get. Mr.Jones was a patient, effective instructor and his experience and knowledge on this subject is second to none; he knows what few others do and shares this generously. Using a combination of instruction, exercises, and real life scenarios the techniques were quickly learned and assimilated.

Remember, to get your discount you must use the coupon code “September19-MC“. This offer ends on September 30th 2019. Don’t wait. Check it out now.


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