Video! Self Esteem and Self Confidence

//Video! Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Video! Self Esteem and Self Confidence


Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Welcome Reader!

Here’s some GREAT News!
The video of last weeks NLP Meetup is ready to view and it was great! It covers the topic that effects us all: Self Esteem and Self Confidence.
Here’s the link:
As always, if you have any questions, comments or observations, please let me know. There are also two new openings in my schedule for anyone wanting to schedule hypnosis work.
David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones
PS, If you wish to work with me, David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones), personally check out Work can be done in person or over Skype.

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David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones) had an interest in hypnosis since he was a child. In 1998 he began is professional hypnosis career and has work over 10,000 hours with clients from all over the world. He currently is operating two hypnosis centers. David has sold thousands of books under the pen name Dantalion Jones and is currently teaching advanced hypnosis skills to private clients. Media interviews and private coaching/hypnosis can be scheduled by using the contact page on this site.

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