This is what a reader named Jamus wrote to about my book “The Forbidden Book of Getting What You Want“. As you will read the book set on his bookshelf for nearly four years before he read it. It’s the kind of review I like most, honest, not too glowing and shows some personality. (You can also find this book on

I’ll let his words speak for themselves.


That’s the date I ordered your book.
Took me almost 4 years to pick it up and read in one day…
Not sure what I was so scared about…
And boy, did the book it deliver.

It really was what I needed and you covered all the things I had concerns about. ie What might happen if you actually get what you want and you aren’t ready etc

It also brought a lot of insights that I hadn’t seen before.

To say I loved it would be a major understatement!

If I really had to nitpick, I felt that the section on manipulating others had a different feel to the way it was written. I got the sense it was written when you had something else in mind & it seemed out of place given the entire book had been about me to this point.

Perhaps this would have been better suited at the end.

I found the pain section didn’t really hit home. I don’t feel the fear of my life ending it appears

Or perhaps I have been exposed to that possibility frequently that it’s lost it’s power?

Only other tiny thing was the course section at the end of the book. I wasn’t 100% sure if I needed to read it having already read the book.

These parts might have been better served at the end of each chapter as an overview. Although that might have been overtly NLP. In reality these are minute issues.

I laughed out loud frequently through the book and annoyed my wife repeatedly by quoting you at least 3 times per chapter.

I’m now preparing my plan to get the life I want.

When I do, you’ll have been a major influence in it.

Thank you David

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