This 2 DVD set contain instruction for 18 inductions. Some of them are a bit showy for use in street and public demonstrations (such as parties). These are the standing inductions that Jeremy (my son) uses in bars and on the street. Then there are very simple, effective rapid inductions which are for use in the office. These are all demonstrated while seated.

This 2 DVD set is designed to give you the tools you need for whatever situation in which you find yourself. Perhaps all of your hypnosis is done in the office. There are 10 inductions demonstrated and explained so you can work with them and decide which ones are your favorites and fit your own style.

Then there are 8 more inductions demonstrated and explained which are a bit more “showy” for when you want to attract attention to your demonstrations. You will find these fantastic for when you are doing demonstrations to show people how powerful hypnosis is, and building your client list. Jeremy does hypnosis using these inductions in bars and other public places, then hands out business cards. It’s a great way to build a business of working parties! And if you’re going to parties anyway, why not get paid for having fun.

You will know how to really induce hypnosis quickly and easily, and have just what you want and need for all occasions. Get This 2 DVD set now and be ready the next time someone asks “Can you hypnotize me now?” You will have what you need to say yes and really mean it.

Price: $89 USD