Originally published in 1991 and now in the public domain, this book is an instruction manual designed by the Department Of Defense Polygraph Institute on how to get information from someone who may be hiding something.

You will learn all the tricks interviewers use to get the truth from people who don’t want to give it. It’s an amazing tool that will help anyone design and interview to get the most open and honest response.

The suspect interrogation portion will teach students how to get confessions. What approach to use and how to plan your interrogation. A portion of this course will focus directly on gaining confessions from sexual abuse and molestation offenders. The information and techniques taught in this book are not theories but actual steps successfully being used by hundreds of investigators across the country.

The more confident you are in your interview skills and your ability to detect deception, the greater the frequency and thoroughness of success. If someone is lying to you, and the suspect gets the slightest hint that you are buying it or are unsure, he/she is likely to continue lying. Inversely proportional, the more confident you are in detecting deception, the less confident the suspect will be in perpetrating the lie because he or she will see that it is not having the desired effect on you. Your confidence level is crucial to the process. You increase your confidence level by, first, acquiring knowledge, and, then, by practicing and living out the concepts each and every time you conduct an interview. As has always been true of skill-building, the more you practice the skill, the better you will become.

The book reveals methods you can use to uncover information from people who are trying to hide it from you. This document is useful far beyond those in professional law enforcement. As you read this book think of the situations where you can apply each technique. You’ll be amazed.


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