I love doing public speaking and when I’ve done public speaking I’ve regularly gotten a lot of compliments on my presentation style. I’m amazed that people like it as much as they do.

Then someone asked me something I never consciously thought about. The asked me “How do you make your presentation so unique?”

That’s when I realized that they were asking me to create a model of how I do a public presentation.

What I learned SHOCKED me because, to my knowledge, no one thinks of public speaking in the same way I do.

Okay, I know it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn so let me tell you what I mean.  I don’t think of doing a public presentation as just a way of providing information. Instead a presentation should be the most adventurous experience for the audience since they last visited Disneyland.

I made a promise to myself to codify a process of speaking to groups to make them feel like they are sitting around a camp fire listening to ghost stories … all the while giving them the information they came to hear.

The result is they leave with the information wrapped up in an awesome experience. Some of them leave feeling the experience was more important than the information they came to learn!

The best word I could find for this process is “enchantment” because it means to cast a spell on people with your words. Someone else might call it “covert group hypnosis”.

Whatever you call it when it’s done people leave with a warm glassy eyed smile.

I put all of the together in a CD called “Making an Enchanting Presentation” and when you hear it you’ll discover what makes this type of presentation magical.

Here is what you’ll learn in “Making an Enchanting Presentation”

  • The difference between giving information and creating an experience.
  • The three mental beliefs you have to have that makes giving a group presentation like being a rock star on stage.
  • The Three ways to frame how you perceive your audience so that they love you and want to hear what you tell them.
  • The mental game you can play that will make giving a group presentation one of the greatest “highs” of your life!
  • How to set the stage right from the start of a presentation so that the audience willeagerly do what you tell them.
  • What to do to speak to the child, the lover and the friend that is within each audience member. 

Seriously, what you will learn in “Making an Enchanting Presentation” will make doing presentations one of the most enjoyable processes for everyone involved.

The CD “Making an Enchanting Presentation” is $19.95 plus shipping and has my promise that it’s something you’ve never heard before about public speaking. 


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