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“Self Esteem & Self Confidence”

A Rare Live Lecture by Dantalion Jones

In spite of the fact that we often use the phrases “self esteem” and “self confidence” interchangeably, they are distinctly different.

Yes, they each have an effect on the other but the question comes about as how to gain control over them and increase your self esteem and self confidence.

This CD  ”Self Esteem and Self Confidence”  was recorded in front of a live audience so get the benefit hearing how positively people are effected by applying what they learn here.

When you combine self esteem and self confidence you create one of the most powerful mental states available. A mental state that is held by the most powerful and effective people in the world.

Here is what you’ll get when you listen to  “Self Esteem and Self Confidence” :

How defining “esteem” can make all the difference about how you feel about yourself. 

Get the tools that you can (and should) use anywhere to intentionally feel better about yourself.

How to increase your confidence so that you will become willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

How a seemingly simple process can increase your confidence and self esteem in the matter of minutes.  

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