Dangerous Persuaders.

Why Do People Join Cults?

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When someone thinks “cult” they think of being controlled so completely they can’t think clearly. You never hear of anyone proclaiming “I think I want to join a cult” and yet it happens all too often. The truth is NO ONE is completely protected from the influence of cults.
Not even YOU.
Cult influence goes far beyond the religious cults we most often think of. They can include business cults that take the for of Multi Level Marketing and even political cults that proclaim “the answer” to all our social and economic troubles. Criminals use cult mind control to enslave people in sex trafficking.


The only remedy is knowledge. I have a no-cost download of “Dangerous Persuaders” that will detail the specific of how cults influence others and how to protect yourself from this form of harmful persuasion.


This is a FREE Download.

David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones
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