Influence Without NLP? Yes!

//Influence Without NLP? Yes!

Influence Without NLP? Yes!


Influence Without NLP? Yes!

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When I research the world of cults I hear a lot of “experts” talk about how NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is used to brainwash unsuspecting people into loyal followers. They really try to make NLP and hypnosis the boogeyman. I hope you find it interesting that most real cult leaders don’t know anything about NLP or hypnosis.
The truth is that the most insane of all cult leaders, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Marshal Applewhite of Heavens Gate, they didn’t no squat about hypnosis or NLP. They influenced people (and made them do terrible things) by simply believing every crazy word that came out of their mouth. In other words, they would speak with such confidence a lot of people would never challenge them. After hammering their followers with enough non-sense spoken sincerely enough they became true believers.
I bring this up to remind you hypnosis, NLP and mind control language patterns are very powerful. It’s only when you combine them with authority and insanity does any of this become dangerous.
When you read MIND CONTROL LANGUAGE PATTERNS you’ll notice I wrote it with a very cynical and manipulative tone. That was to speak to a very juvenile part of the book buying market. Were I to publish it today it would be presented with a bit more kindness. Nonetheless, I still get people telling me how well explained the language patterns are.
Learning NLP, hypnosis or Mind control language patterns is not going to make you into a crazy cult leader. It can make you into a very effective communicator who can influence people with ease.


David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones

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David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones) had an interest in hypnosis since he was a child. In 1998 he began is professional hypnosis career and has work over 10,000 hours with clients from all over the world. He currently is operating two hypnosis centers. David has sold thousands of books under the pen name Dantalion Jones and is currently teaching advanced hypnosis skills to private clients. Media interviews and private coaching/hypnosis can be scheduled by using the contact page on this site.

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