Hypnotic Regression Isn’t Needed

One of the prominent theories of hypnosis is that significant results can be achieved when you regress a person to an initial sensitizing event (ISE). An initial sensitizing event is described as the first time a person originally experienced a trauma. Through hypnosis the hypnosis subject can be led back in time to re-experience the event but to reevaluated it with objectivity and with an adult awareness. As a general rule regression to initial sensitizing events can bring about very dramatic results. There is however a major downside.

The downside of regression is bringing the client through a deep and traumatic event. The hypnotist is essentially forcing the client to re-experience the trauma. Having done regressions like this in the past I warn anyone to be prepared. It is very messy. Most of the time the results are positive, but when it’s is not you’ve only successfully re-traumatized your client. I personally take no pleasure and watching a client, whom I am responsible for, writhing around in the hypnosis chair crying and screaming as they go through their original trauma.

What many hypnosis schools completely fail to mention is that going to an initial sensitizing event is completely unnecessary. In fact, there are many hypnosis schools that accept regression too ISE with dogmatic fervor. For some, to even question to use of regression is to go against scripture.

Hypnotic Regression Is Unnecessary

If hypnosis is being able to make changes at the subconscious level there is no reason to make those changes through the messy work of regression. This is what distinguishes the Stephens Hypnosis Method from many other hypnosis trainings.

My mentor, the late Jeffrey Stephens, was very clear about his opposition to regression to ISE. Having done the Stephens Hypnosis Method for nearly 10 years I can confirm that a hypnotist will get the same dramatic results completely free of regression to traumatic events.

If you have used regression and gotten positive results consider for a moment it is only ONE option to making dramatic and positive change in your clients. Consider mastering ALL the methods so you can better help your clients.

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