How Many Hypnosis Sessions Are Needed?

The Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Course

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The short answer is no, a lot can get done in one session. My mentor, Jeffrey Stephens, built his career on getting a great result in one session. It was the only style of hypnosis he taught. In my experience it is the most direct, fastest and powerful for of hypnosis I’ve seen. A student of hypnosis, new or experienced, would dramatically improve their skills by learning the Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Method.

The Reasons

Here are the reasons having more than one session can make for a more successful hypnosis experience:

I use Jeff’s hypnosis process with every hypnosis client who hires me. What I do differently from my mentor is see my clients at least one or two more times. The reason is that while I can control my clients subconscious minds, I can’t control their environment. One of my clients successfully quit smoking on the first session, but within days of the session she got in a car accident and started smoking again because it was the only familiar process she had to calm down. Her second session put her back on track as a non-smoker and reinforced her identity as a non-smoker. Now, there is no event or trauma that could ever cause her to smoke.

* People new to hypnosis don’t know what to expect and sometimes try to resist to keep feeling in control. With additional session they are more prepared with what to expect and feel more eagerness to be hypnotized.

* An additional session helps to reinforce the dramatic benefits of first session.

* When the client returns for their second session that can report on their successes and point out potential challenges that be addressed.

Advanced Hypnosis Course

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* In the rare case they “fail” after the first session it can quickly be reframed as a lesson from which they can learn.

* The second session can be used for “ego strengthening” to build up the clients self confidence and self esteem. The importance of this cannot be overstress. Positive results last when the client feels great about themselves.

I’ve developed this into a three session program that gets amazing results. The 3 Session Program has been successfully tested on the last 1000+ of my personal hypnosis clients. This 3 session process is described in complete detail with 6 videos, 2 one-hour audio downloads and written instructions. The whole program is downloadable so you can start learning the program in minutes.

David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones

P.S. I’ve met some incredible hypnotists who have studied these two hypnosis courses. For that reason I welcome your questions and will include two coaching sessions with each course.

Here is what the Mayo Clinic says about hypnosis.


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