• Have you ever thought that you are probably smarter than most people think you to be?
  • Have you ever wondered how to improve your mind for learning?
  • Do you want to learn spanish or sign language?

Imagine knowing that when you decide to learn something you mind automatically focuses in to absorb every detail.

This is not a “photographic memory”. Instead it’s a mind that has been formatted for taking in information and making it ready to instantly remember.

The process is called “The Learning Place” and it was designed by my mentor, Jeffrey Stephens. It is an intense three-day hypnosis program where you work with the hypnotists one-on-one. He developed The Learning Place as an experiment to see how far the ability to learn can be improved using hypnosis. For, Jeff, it was just an experiement and once he developed the process to his satisfaction he lost interest. Over time I pressed him to teach it to me until finally he agreed. Jeff Stephens mentored me in this process before he died and I have done The Learning Place on almost 30 people. The results are mind-blowing.

The motivation for writing this article came from a recent training in The Learning Place that I hope to write about in an upcoming article.

Having walked that many people through The Learning Place program, here are a few of the things I’ve learned.

More About The Learning Place

Some people are ready for this… Some are not

Preparation – One might quickly assume everyone can, or should, go through this training. Not true. While most people can get some benefit from The Learning Place, getting the most benefit requires some preparation.

  1. The Learning Place training is (relatively) expensive one may have to save money.
  2. The Learning Place takes three full day of time, not including travel.
  3. Understand, that much of the training is done using hypnosis. This can be very pleasant but it can also be INTENSE.
  4. The best results happen when the subject has done specific preparation. There are some hypnosis programs I encourage all participants to commit to doing before we work together. This also includes detailed forms filled out about history of learning.



– Like almost everything, mindset matters. The best attitude one can bring for The Learning Place consist of Excitement, Commitment and Surrender.

Excitement brings a personal readiness for the three day experience. Some people approach hypnosis with scepticism or dread. Those negative feelings will hold one back from getting the most benefit. Part of the preparation is to KNOW something dramatic is about to happen.

Committment. In every hypnosis session I remind the client “All you have to do is follow my instructions...”. Nothing can happen unless the subject commits to every instruction.

Surrender. I’ve wittnessed amazing things happen to my hypnosis clients when they simply give into to what is happening. Surrender of this quality has to begin with a trust that 1) something wonderful is about to happen and 2) they are unquestionably safe in this journey.

If you are curious about The Learning Place program I would be glad to talk with you about it. Contact me from my contact page at the button below.

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