The Youtuber that goes by the name of Oki decided to see how easily it would be to become part of a bizarre conspiracy cult. (His video is at the end of the article). While it took some time and preparation, it was surprisingly easy. His video provides a lot of insights about people, cults and the ability to influence others.

Let’s Recap Oki’s Adventure

Oki discovered there exists an group of people who sincerely believe to be part of an ultra-secret government space program that takes unwilling people and forces them to explore Mars, time travel, battle with aliens, be

It gets even weirder…

experimentally cloned, have their consciousness transplanted into other bodies, and …. it gets very weird. They refer to themselves as “Whistleblowers of The Secret Space Program” (SSP) and are part of an elite team of genetically enhanced super soldiers. Everyone of these “whistleblowers” can tell stories that sound like sci-fi written by a 14 year old and yet they speak with complete sincerity.

Oki, of course, had to see if he could become a part of The Secret Space Program!

Oki’s Journey Begins

Oki first steps were to do his homework. He dedicated himself to understanding the mythology of the “Secret Space Program” … and it is weird by every standard.

What followed was to create his own narrative that synched perfectly with all that is known about the SSP. Over the course of several weeks he rehearsed his story. In spycraft this is referred as “creating a legend”. Fortunately evidence is never asked for or required to be part of the SSP. A good amazing story that conforms to the mythology is enough.

“Hang on. It’s going to get bumpy!”

Going Deep In

After crafting his story (aka legend) he purchased a 2 hour “hypnotic regression” from James Rink (Here is his Youtube Channel), a top SSP whistleblower, to recover memories from time in the Secret Space Program. The regression was so compelling Oki got asked to appear on James own Youtube Channel and then later asked to join a SSP convention in Las Vegas where he would be interviewed one-on-one by James.

Coming Out The Other Side

Having announce his real intention in his documentary, all mentions of Oki in the SSP groups have been removed and videos taken down. What you can find are his video and the companion video from the Youtuber friend NightDocs.

Insights On Oki’s Journey

As a hypnotist and author on influence and persuasion there are a lot of things to take from Oki’s adventure.

  • You can lie under hypnosis.

What Oki experienced was a hypnosis process of some sorts but his intent was to sell his story, NOT to reveal the truth. Hypnosis is not some kind of truth serum and if someone is intent on fooling a hypnotist during a single hypnosis session, they could do it.

  • Know who you are infiltrating.

This is a necessity for anyone one wanting to fulling infiltrate, or join, an exclusive group. Oki did thorough research to understand the mythology of The Secret Space Program. It is akin to researching the business when applying for a job.

  • Create a good narrative.

This goes beyond building a legend for yourself. One must be able to tell a story with such fluidity and detail that it is both effortless and convincing. This takes practice. There are no unimportant details. Every part of the story needs to fit together.

When telling your story try to make the important things trivial and the trivial important. For example “I was on Mars fighting Insectoids in skirmishes mostly testing weapons…” The part that sounds important, “on Mars fighting Insectoids” is delivered as the unimportant part, “testing weapons” becomes the REAL important part of the story.

  • Lying is hard only when you have a lot to lose.

It should be noted that lies are most easily revealed when there is a lot to lose. Police interrogators know this and make sure suspects feel under pressure. The more one has to lose the harder it is to hide the truth.

Oki knew there was no evidence needed to say that claim to be part of The Secret Space Force. No one would assume he was lying. In fact, everyone is invested in their story being true. Especially because he told it so well.

My Final Thoughts…

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