Luck Through Mind Control – Audio Download


“Luck is all in the mind.”

It’s true. By changing a few simple beliefs and adjusting your focus you’ll learn that you can create luck anywhere at any time.

Lucky people do it all the time!


Luck isn’t something that just happens.

Lucky people have a way of looking at the world that makes them “lucky”.  So if you know how lucky people think and act and do what they do YOU WILL BECOME LUCKY!

This is the ultimate form of mind control.

Lucky People have a special set of skills that you will learn and apply.

What is it about some people that makes them “lucky”?

moving-arrowLucky People have a very specific set of beliefs about themselves and the world that is unique to them.  These beliefs will make you feel unbelievably positive.

moving-arrowLucky People pay attention to certain things that no one else does so that they see opportunities where others don’t.  You don’t see Lucky People obsessively checking their smart phones. 

moving-arrowLucky People train themselves to act and respond to events so that they never miss an opportunity. How many great opportunities have you looked back on and said “Doh! I wish I acted on that!”.

You’ll learn how making the right small change can change EVERYTHING.

If you like feeling lucky you’ll get the chance to keep that feeling!

The CD is RICH  with exercises that will show how to create LUCK through your thoughts, actions and emotions.

As a real  bonus I’ve created a 20 minute  hypnosis session that will help install these qualities deep at a subconscious level.

This is a complete audio download!



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