How To Hallucinate is a report giving detailed instructions on how to first, create hallucinations while eyes are closed and then with eyes open. These are complete detailed visions that are completely in your control.

“Why would I want to know how to hallucinate?” you may ask.

The answer is one on CONTROL, namely self-control. As much as we diligently try to control our lives, to create the right job, the right relationships and ultimately the right life for ourselves we often lack what we need most: Self Control.

By mastering the ability to hallucinate you gain greater access to the parts of your mind that are creating obstacles to your success.

By learning to hallucinate you get a glimpse of how much of your life can be put into your control. 

This is a FREE download.

Please feel free to test out every part of it and lend me your feedback.


David Barron (aka Dantalion Jones)


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