One Of The Most Powerful Conversational Language Patterns Around!

The Emotional Switch Pattern is a conversational way to change/improve someone’s mood. It is completely covert and, watching it from the perspective of a third person, appears to be like a simple conversation. From the perspective of the person being influenced that simple conversation has a dramatic impact. It can change moods, motivations, thoughts and desires. It can bring someone from an apathetic and confused state to a caring and confident state.

  • Use it to bring a friend from a grumpy to cheerful mood.
  • Switch a co-worker of employee from distracted to focused.
  • Use it to alter your own mood to whatever you want.
  • You’ll learn every step of the process and how to deliver it in less than a minute.

While I don’t recommend it and have never tested it myself, it can just as equally put someone into a bad mood.


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