Mentalism is a performance where you seemingly “read the minds” of your audience. This FREE PDF is a collection of information about people that can be used to seem as though you are psychic.

You’ll get a better understanding of the inner workings of peoples minds.

The term ‘cold reading’ refers to strategies used by mentalists and by fraudulent psychics and mediums to give the impression that they can psychically discern personal information about a client.

The reading is ‘cold’ because it does not depend on any prior knowledge of the client. Instead, the ‘psychic’ combines careful observations of the client’s characteristics and behavior with a series of guesses that are based on deduction, knowledge of probabilities, and use of general (‘Barnum’) statements that are readily accepted by large numbers of people as being true of themselves.

A one-man routine with no props or gimmicks. Nothing is written down, or said by spectator, yet you answer the question or problem of which he is thinking. As many as ten or twelve can be sensationally handled, male or female, in various age brackets. Let a pro show you how to build such a routine. All the outs are covered. Builds to a smashing climax.

If you are wondering, yes, these are techniques I’ve used successfully on others.

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The Handbook of psychic Cold reading – Psychic Reading For The Non-Psychic”


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