Delta Programming CD – Part 3 – “Creating Inner Resources”



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The New Dantalion Jones MIND PROGRAMMING CD

“Creating Inner Resources”

Warning Included

This is the most advanced CD yet in the Delta Success Program series.

There are several reasons that this CD might demand your attention. The first is that it’s all about building an unstoppable sense of power.

This is a sense of power can be dangerous if it is not kept under control.

The second reason is that the hypnosis process that is an integral part of this CD is designed to ingrain within you a sense of power at an unconscious level.

It is also designed to train you to “go unconscious” on cue, at will. There is  no other hypnosis training program that specifically teaches how to do this.  That is why it is so advance to listen and practice from at least one of the previous Delta Programming CDs.

This Delta Programming CD is advanced enough that I include a warning.  By listening to at least one of the previous Delta Programming CDs you will have a foundation to what “Creating Inner Resources” will give you.

You COULD listen to “Creating Inner Resource” as your only exposure to Delta Success Programming but it could create an unstoppable manic state may leave you powerful but aimless.

You, the user, must take FULL responsibility for how “Creating Inner Resource” effects you.
Okay, consider yourself warned.

I can’t of course prevent you from buying this CD by itself. What I can tell you is that it is a very good idea to be very clear about what you want when you listen to this process.   Without a clear sense of direction, or a goal in mind, you could be like a cannon on a kayak with more power than you have stability.  So, unless you want to topple like a cocaine drug lord please prepare yourself by knowing what you want in life.


That’s what you’ll get in CD #3 of The Delta Success Program and you’ll agree it’s worth every penny.

Here are some the points of interest you’ll learn in The Delta Success Program CD #3:

  • You’ll learn how to create an inner image of yourself that makes you move foreword.
  • You’ll learn why HOW you speak to yourself to get motivated is as important as what you say.
  • You’ll learn where habits come from and how to use that to create habits that work for you.
  • You’ll learn to create what is called a Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic cycle that would make anyone jump out of their and go into action.
  • You’ll learn how to “unlock” the unconscious mind to plant suggestions at it’s core. The result is a habit that propels you toward your goals.
  • You’ll discover how to take immediate control over negative emotions and harness the hard to get positive feelings within you.


You’ll also get an Awesome dual voice hypnosis process that will knock you on
your backside and help instill all these tools as you relax and listen.

If this is the first Delta Success Program CD that you’ve invested in I HIGHLY recommend that you order one or both of the CDs #1 and  #2.  The hypnosis process that is included in this CD is very advanced and you will benefit from having the previous exposure to the concepts of the Delta Success Program.

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