101 Things To Do In Self Isolation


Keep yourself busy, productive and focused. This is your time to prepare for whatever is next. There will be a time with the self-isolation will be over, but it’s unlikely anything will ever be normal.



Everyday we are swept up by currents that don’t allow us to stop. Without time to stop. Now, we must all stop in one form or another. In this age of social isolation and concern over the spread of COVID-19 it’s hard to know

So we are well into the lockdown and you’ve pretty much cooked everything I’ve seen online and like millions of people worldwide. You’re also bored and trying your best to stay productive.

Certainly not everyone is doing well in this pandemic and now they’re forced to stay and interact with their families or housemates and they’re probably scared and struggling to relax or stay productive.

Here’s where this product: Corona 101 – Things to Do in Self-Isolation can help. It has 100+ things to do that can help you stay productive and it works for families, kids and individuals.

“Like in a river, everyday we’re swept up by currents, without time to stop. We sense how tiring and unproductive it is to row against the current. It is time now to pause. To rest. To do things not dictated by the current.”

The question we all must ask in this time of transition is “To what type of life am I going to gift my time?”



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