Have you ever talked to yourself and gotten GREAT advice? Here’s the secret.

Imagine having a conversation with yourself who is much older and wiser. This you would the person you’ll become having gone through all of what you’re going through now. This is the you who be able to look back and give you perspective.

The Future You

This future you has gone through all the good times and the bad. They have suffered the challenges you’ve experienced and learned from your mistakes. This future you remembers what you’re going through right now. They remember even when you first called upon them for counsel. Because they know what you’re going through they will speak to you with love, compassion and authority. You’ll be reminded that your sufferings are not permanent and your successes last only a moment in time. As much as you will be encouraged you to work toward your dreams, they will tell you how important the small things are. “There is value in taking your time, enjoying the moment and showing gratitude” They will tell you.

Most Needed Advice

The times you’ll want their counsel the most are when you feel sad and in despair. It is then, your future self will lean close, put their arm around you and with your foreheads touching, tell you how important you have been for them. “All sadness is temporary. So is all happiness. This you will you go through and from it you’ll find strength. You are valued. You’re important. You still have so much to give.”

And One Day…

One day you will be called upon by someone who needs the wisdom of your experience. All your wisdom, all that you have learned will ready to give back. When that happens you’ll look back and remember hearing the words you most needed to hear and be given the counsel that meant so much.

This is just an imagination exercise yet by just giving this idea some time you’ll find it may have more impact on you than you would think.

This is just one exercise you can use to improve your life. I also recommend you check out the following products:

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