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Believe it or not you don’t have to be psychic to “be Psychic”. The art of psychic cold reading will help psychics and non-psychics alike to improve their communication skills, connect more deeply with others, meet interesting people and make some good income giving people a real service they value.

This is a great way to meet people… attractive people (hint, hint), capture their attention and have great fun.

It’s also a fun way to earn money.

I know, I’ve done and documented it so that anyone can do it with the same success and pleasure.

I’ve put it all in the ebook “The Handbook of Psychic Cold Reading”.

You will also be shown how conducting Psychic Readings is the perfect sideline business to generate even more clients and profits for NLP’ers, Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s, Hypnosis Consultants and Complete Mind Therapists, indeed this is a must study course for all students of Psychology!

Did I mention how fun it can be?

For the first time ever you have the chance to learn these powerful secrets, ploys, methods and techniques direct from the horses mouth so to speak! You will actually be learning from, Dantalion Jones, someone who has written over half a dozen books on hypnosis, NLP, mind control and how the mind works. Just go to and type in “Dantalion Jones” in the search bar. The book list is LONG.

Now, he’ll reveal to you the inside secrets to make a great first impression as a mind reading psychic. You’ll also learn how to make such a powerful impression people will want to come and have you read them.

And you don’t have to have real spoon bending psychic powers to be entertaining and helpful as a psychic cold reader.

You just need to know how to use the real life tools of reading people as if they were an open book.

Let’s face it. While most audiences enjoy watching good magic and mentalism. There’s one thing they still enjoy even more…hearing more about themselves! And that’s what cold reading is all about. Only our concise “how-to” manual, The Handbook of Psychic Cold Reading, takes you step-by-step through the process of developing YOUR OWN cold reading abilities – from gaining a solid grasp of the underlying scientific principles at work to the practical application of specific methods and techniques. Plus, you’ll even learn how to correctly answer the most difficult questions readers face.

How would it feel if you had a quick way to master cold reading? Although it is a skill that does take some practice, there are shortcuts to learning and one of these shortcuts is taking on a psychic’s persona.

If you are giving readings to your friends or family, this isn’t so important. If you want to pick up a cutie at a pub or do readings with strangers just for fun, you’re going to have to at least say that you studied palmistry, astrology, or whatever divination technique, in order to be taken somewhat seriously.

But if you want to give psychic readings for money, you are going to have to develop a persona.

This is where the fun comes in because there is nothing so enjoyable as reinventing yourself.

A persona is the combination of characteristics an actor takes on in order to become their chosen role.

What kind of persona? Well, as a psychic reader, how would you like to appear to others? Mysterious? Funny? Gentle? Therapeutic? Wise?

If you can’t decide what persona, figure out which performers appeal to you. How about an actor or actress playing a role in a film?

Bear in mind, that your persona doesn’t have to be an exact replica of someone famous. It can also be a composite of alluring traits.

The Handbook of Psychic Cold Reading will show you how to evolve your persona so that everyone has fun.

Picture this: You walk into any room, any bar, any party and go up to complete strangers and tell them things about themselves that their closest friends don’t even know. Watch the looks on their faces and their mouths drop as you tell them all about their past, their present problems and concerns, and their future.

With that ability, you’d be able to entertain, flirt, seduce, persuade. . . even make money. And it’s a profitable skill you can take with you anywhere in the world. (I’m sure you can think of several psychic entertainers who are super rich because of it!) It’s a skill ANYONE can master if they know what to do.

Learn Cold Reading the Very First Day

From the first day you go through The Cold Reading Mastery Course you will be able to…

  • Give flawless readings to anyone within an hour of reading this guide – walk into ANY room, party, nightclub and tell ANY person things about them that NOBODY else knows
  • Make people feel that you can read their minds
  • Plant seeds in your listener’s mental landscape that will grow into a forest they’ll never forget
  • Know a person’s most intimate thoughts – even if you’ve never met before
  • Weave your spell – making yourself unforgettable
  • Put people into trances…just by talking to them AND lead them where YOU want them to go!
  • Master any divination system (Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, etc.) within a few hours – without months of study
  • Have unshakeable confidence – even in front of a room of hostile skeptics
  • Be able to cold read subconsciously and automatically – no need to consciously struggle at what to say during a reading.
  • Make your readings so addicting, so pleasurable – like crack, clients will keep coming back for more
  • Avoid the embarrassing mistakes rookies make that can cause red faces and uncomfortable silences
  • Employ a common NLP technique that, to date, NO ONE has yet applied to cold reading … people will think you are in their heads as you speak.
  • Plus a whole lot more. . . including how to make people think THEY are actually planting thoughts in YOUR head!

This how-to course shows you exactly what to do to convince people – friends, family members, acquaintances, and complete strangers – you can read their deepest thoughts, how to know their lives like an open book – even if you’ve never met them before. PLUS: I’ll give you a few hard to find videos on cold reading that can push you to the next level.

Sure you’ll convince people that you can read their minds and know their past, present, and future. But this course goes beyond cold reading techniques. What will really happen is this: You are getting to the depths of human behavior and psychology. You will be able to “read” people. You’ll become more intuitive. You’ll get what you want in life because you’ll be able to give people what they want. . .

And if that weren’t enough for you to get excited, you also get these. . .

Here’s a great technique to use when you are talking about a sitter’s/client’s past: talk about their unfinished business.

Bring up the sense, the impression, the sight (if scrying), of some sort of unfinished business in your clients’ (or HB’s) life. Let them fill in the blanks and tell you what it is.

Anyway, there are lots of details that will help you fill the blank about how this works.

This technique is powerful and therefore it comes with a warning: for some people unfinished business has strong emotions attached to it, sometimes negative. If you are going to use unfinished business in your readings, you MUST calibrate your client’s state.

This is an advanced cold reading technique. Use it carefully, and you will have a powerful tool in your psychic entertaining kit.


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