This BOOK (not an ebook) covers EVERYTHING that you’ll need to attract lots of quality women into your life.

Volume 2 – The Cocky & Funny Edition covers some of the most important aspects of seduction and divides it into seven sections

1. Attitude. The single biggest aspect that is under your control. With the right attitude talking, flirting and seduction is a pleasure and a joy for EVERYONE involved.

2. Finding and Approaching. You’ll learn how to prepare yourself, where to go to meet women and how to make the opening that will set you a part and leave them smiling and happy to have met you.

3. Attraction. Learn how to create attraction and build sexual tension so that when you let them go they fly to you like a rubber band.

4. Qualifying. Because you will learn how to be a girl magnet you’ll need to qualify them so that you can pick from the very best. This step is so important! Anyone can find someone to sleep with once and regret it. You’ll learn how to get the best.

5. Trust & Rapport. You’ll learn how to create emotionally engaging conversation that quickly builds trust and rapport without letting yourself fall into the category of “Let’s just be friends”.

6. Amplifying Arousal. This is where you will turn up the heat and turn interest into heart throbbing wanton desire.

7. The Close. How to “seal the deal” and turn your interesting conversation into a horizontal activity.

The most important part is that learning and applying these skills are FUN.

So, go ahead, ask yourself how much frustration, money and humiliation do you have to go through before you decide to enough is enough?

This is your chance. Take it!!!!



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