One vector is our motivation to drive safely. The other vector is our desire to send a text message. Together they could be disastrous.

Vectors of Motivation

In mathematics a vector is a unit that has both a direction and force moving it in that direction.  I bring this up because then serve as metaphors for motivation. If we goals they head up in one directions and how much we work toward that goal is the force getting us there.

The problem with us as people is we don’t have just one goal heading us in one direction. We are pulled in all sorts of directions all the time. Some of the forces of these vectors are strong, like the desire to keep our family secure. Some of these motivations are small, like whether to buy large or small curd cottage cheese. In this sense we are always multitasking, at least as a subconscious level.

The idea of have your 💩 together means getting all of your motivations (i.e. vectors) pulling you in the same direction.

Imagine It

Consider what it would be like if EVERY subconscious process, big and small, was working to move you into the future.  Anyone who has their life together to that degree is almost unstoppable. It is possible but, as you might imagine, it is not a one-stop quick-fix. It is something we can all work toward but we have to put all our focus on it.

The best way to start the process is imagine what you want most in life. Once you have a clear idea you then imagine what kind of person you would have to be to achieve that. Then day-by-day you work to become that person. Start with the small and easy to control habit of you “ideal you”.

  • How would s/he treat friends, family and people they know?
  • How would they plan their day?
  • What would their deepest values be?
  • How would the ideal you handle frustration?
  • What would they be doing right now if they were starting where you are right now?

This process becomes a constant meditation of life. Life, in return, will give you enough to reflect upon. By participating in this meditation you discover the journey is even more exciting than the destination.

If you want to learn more about this process and put them to work in your life, please check out books Motivational Imperative and The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want

Read Motivational Imperative

Check Out Motivational Imperative

Read The Forbidden Book

The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want


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