Forgetting, amnesia, memory in itself is an interesting topic. How is it we can know something one moment and the next moment feel complete confusion? Forgetting is a common experience but it remains hard to explain. Even more amazing is how much can be made to be forgotten with hypnosis!

As a very general rule, it’s a bad idea, and very poor ecology, to make someone forget an event, even a traumatic event. Better to keep it as a memory but change it’s meaning and the feelings one has toward it. That is commonly what is done using hypnosis. From there a trauma becomes a learning experience.

Still, amnesia is a useful hypnotic phenomena to try to understand. An interesting thing I’ve noticed in conversation is that just mentioning the words “forget”, “confused”, “forgetting”, “lost”, “forgotten”, “don’t remember” and “amnesia” have a very strange impact on how people respond.

There’s is a entire section devoted to language and amnesia the my book “Mind Control Language Patterns“.

Take a look at this video and you might notice something interesting over the next few days.

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