I have a hobby of talking to telemarketers who call me and try to waste their time and make them uncomfortable. As a result I like to answer the phone when I don’t recognize the number. The topic of this article is the result of a robocall of a religious nature. In the recorded message, the speaker said they were in contact with my “Prosperity Angel” and had a special message for me. Blah, blah, blah. (A recording of the call is at the bottom of the article).

In case you’re wondering people DO respond to religious scams like this and give money. I want to talk about how and why this works.

  1. It’s a numbers game. The the call is set up most people will very quickly hang up. This will free the robodialer to call the next number. Of all the phone calls over 99% will hang up within the first 10 seconds.
  2. The call is designed for a very specific audience. When you listen to this recording you will notice it focuses heavily on religious themes or angels, prosperity, overcoming hardships, God’s Will, etc. One can conclude this message is designed to speak to someone of a very strong religious background, strongly inclined toward “prosperity gospel” teachings.
  3. Fear of Loss. Neuro Linguistic Programming describes how a large percentage of people will more quickly respond to fear of loss than to the chance to gain. This is done to set an external locus of control, reminding them they are not in control of their life.
  4. It creates an urgency. “You must act now! If you don’t your opportunity is lost.”
  5. Authority. The speaker delivers his message like a old-time evangelical minister. This will appeal to those raised to respect the authority of someone in that role.
  6. Keeps it real while remaining vague. The speaker talks to you personally as if knowing what you’re going through. “This is a time where you have had many lessons … many of these came from people and events… I heard the Lord say ‘If you can get over what happened and what they did to you…. ” This message could mean ANYTHING and forces trusting people to put their own meaning to it.
  7. Creates Hope. After divining the problem hope is offered.
  8. Call to action. Everything will be okay as long as you follow the instructions of sending forth your “prosperity seed” in the form of money.

Listen To The Money Grabbing Religious RoboCall

Final notes: The source of the robocall can be tracked down to Manasseh Jordan Ministries (Web Link https://prophetmanasseh.com/)

This is a recorded call that came to my phone the very NEXT DAY!


You’ll find that much of what “Prophet Manasseh” does fits very well with what I describe in Building Your Cult

If you really did want to build a cult, this is the book for you.





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