It’s possible I’m getting jaded. Perhaps I’ve gotten so confident with my current hypnosis process I’ve begun to feel smug and over confident. I get great results so why change?

That is a terrible attitude to have and I’ve decided to confront it head on. I changed by studying the skill of some great street hypnotists. Keep in mind there’s a world of difference between street hypnosis and the clinical hypnosis I’ve been doing for 20 years. They are both hypnosis but with different settings and different goals.

Street hypnosis is about getting dramatic (and amusing) hypnotic phenomena as quickly as possible. The street hypnotist goes for catalepsy and amnesia right away. What’s amazing is how easily a street hypnotist can transition to an effective clinical result, like confidence or quitting smoking.

What I’ve concluded is I need to be more like a street hypnotist when I’m working with my clients. No, I don’t make them do funny things like barking like a dog. I do show them how to do things that seem impossible like catalepsy and amnesia. In other words, I let them experience a hypnosis tricks from the safety of my clinical chair. It’s fun for them and doing new things keeps me as a hypnotist focused on my client and out of old but familiar ruts.

One great resource I found what this book by Rory Fulcher.

Click the book image and read more about it.

Read it a few times and just try it out at a party or with a group of friends. Everyone will enjoy what you do, especially you!

The Stage & Street Hypnosis Handbook

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